Competition Info

A preview of the venue to be found in the current find-the-venue competition

How does it work?

  • Have a good look at the venue in the image above (a really good look).
  • Click on the “search for venues” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Have a look through all of the venue listings and try to find the venue that matches the one above.
  • Once you think you have the right one, click on “view venue” to find out if you are right…
  • Wait in anticipation for the few milliseconds while the page loads…
  • If you’ve found the right venue, you will see a trophy icon in the left-hand corner: you’ve found it! (If not, keep searching…)
  • Click on the trophy icon, enter in your details, then click on the “submit” button! (Yippee!)

What can I win?

  • The current prize is: a Saturday viewing with a sit-down champagne breakfast for 4x guests - along with bonus prizes to the value of R5,000 should the winner book a function at the venue.
  • This prize can be claimed whether you end up using the venue for an event or not. It’s amazing!
  • See our Terms & Conditions page for what you can and can’t do with the prize.

When will I know?

  • We will be announcing the winner of this awesome prize on the 25th of September (Sunday).
  • The next competition will start the following week: 26th of September (Monday).
  • Check back every week for more prizes at more venues!

Happy Hunting!